State Sponsored Chinese Hackers

The latest example of government data stolen by Chinese hackers and used to recruit spies highlights the secret ambitions of an entire nation being leaked online by its enemies.

The so called So-Haigaz attack came two weeks after Donald Trump issued a statement on cyber security.

Our white hat sources confided the attacks originated in China.

“Too often, cyber attacks threaten national security, jeopardize critical infrastructure, and threaten economic productivity. While we’ve made incremental strides over the last few years to reduce the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure; the U.S., and many other countries, still have work to do” he said.

Before this recent incident foreign hackers had posted hundreds of internal NSA hacker related documents to Reddit.

The alleged Chinese hackers are targeting the GOP, as well as the Russian government in Moscow.

Their efforts have been focused on the interfere in the U.S. presidential campaign, the questions and answers surrounding Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, information the Trump administration illegally stored on classified servers, and internal GOP communications.

Today, the content of non classified intelligence being stored on secure government servers was mentioned briefly in a briefing. It is a well-known tactic by officials in the Trump administrations, officials told us anonymously . But the specific information, in this case the analysis of hacked and stolen data; was not, officials said.

In a second series of briefings in the course of this week, intelligence officials have provided additional details that hadn’t been previously shared by Trump administrations.

The most important campaign we’ve had in decades,” Weld said, “and we can’t afford for Trump or a Democrat to win”.