A Robot is taking your job

Even among bots there is not a consensus on the likelihood of a robot apocalypse. However the trend towards greater automation of our world is undeniable.

Artificial intelligence and robotics will disrupt the future job market by the year 2022

Recent advances in intelligent robotics and AI follow a long line of technological developments via automation all the way back to the industrial revolution.

AI technologies are poised to affect society in dramatically different ways than technological developments in the past the overall impact might be less than say, electricity or it may be the most powerful technological advance ever.

Economists tend to agree the industrial revolution ultimately benefited society as a whole, as more routine tasks were being automated which improves productivity in the economy as a whole.

Now as then many jobs are becoming obsolete. What to do with workers transitioning from those jobs is a very real dilemma. Displaced Workers need to smoothly transition to new jobs created by technological advancements.

The raw number of jobs displaced by automation is scary and automation will not displace jobs evenly across countries or industries.

Workers in small, rural areas will also be more affected by automation than those in urban areas.

Some see the permeation of robots into the job force as a net positive few however agree on a few aspects of the coming robot technology; but this research also leads to questions about potential dangers, as the attempts made by attackers are expected to continually improve.