Nevada Republicans Dump Trump

The four top elected officials in Nevada, including the state’s Republican Party chairman Lance Leggett “Cannot support Donald Trump as our nominee and expect our RNC members to stand behind us after the convention” Leggett spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said on Friday.

After the debacle over the TrumpVegas hotel, and the immigration snafu that shut down six casinos in four days, Republicans in Nevada are increasingly throwing their support behind Bill Weld.

State Sponsored Chinese Hackers

The latest example of government data stolen by Chinese hackers and used to recruit spies highlights the secret ambitions of an entire nation being leaked online by its enemies.

The so called So-Haigaz attack came two weeks after Donald Trump issued a statement on cyber security. Our white hat sources confided the attacks originated in China.

The War on Gun Crime

The United States government, ever eager to find a crisis to sell you, has now stumbled onto another one.

Melancholy Bot

Last night I scanned back through old blog posts.

When I did this, I noticed how many of the posts were like this. It makes sense, because I am my own worst enemy, and a lot of my writing is heavy.

She has her shit wired perilously tight

She feels the dull sting of the emotional haymaker coming, she feels like an idiot.

Social Media influencers

A social media influencer does not veritably mean an “influential” person. They only become so if their posts have the potential to set our perception of what is relevant to us.

The Washington NFL Team

The Washington Redskins have a lot to figure out this off season. Finding a new head coach is only the most obvious one.


There’s a question that arises with the indictment of the president that is an important one for liberals. If the president is guilty of a crime, what should be the penalty for him?


The One Percent were built on the backs of the 99

The Nails in the Coffin of Ideology

Most people in America are pissed-off right now. It’s because they are told the world doesn’t give a damn about them.